2015 Mens’ Goal Ball Practice

March 23rd, 2015

Our athletic teams are dedicated, hard-working, and committed. The Goal Ball season has been great. Here are some photos from Men’s Practice and a Goal Ball Scrimmage. Go Huskies.

On Tuesday, March 17, the mens’ goalball team practiced in the fieldhouse gym for the upcoming tournament.

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OSB Student at Local Wrestling Tournament

February 9th, 2015

Overbrook Student Wrestler participates in a local Tournament

Overbrook is incredibly proud of their Early Childhood Student, Danny, who participated in the Haverford Youth Wrestling Tournament on February 8, 2015. He was AWESOME!

Cheer Leading and Wrestling Practice

February 9th, 2015

Our sports teams love competition and they are also dedicated to practice after school. Our coaches give their time, energy, and dedication to make our students understand teamwork and excellence.
Go Huskies.

See photos of our athletes here.

Thanksgiving Celebration in Whitehall

December 5th, 2014

On Thursday, November 20, The White Hall Academy students hosted their families to a delicious, home-made Thanksgiving meal. The students worked all week to plan, shop for and cook the meal. There were over 40 people who enjoyed the feast that evening.

See photos here on Flickr.

Employment Opportunity

October 23rd, 2014

Position: Teacher Department: Elementary
Status: Full Time 10 Months Instructional
32.5 hrs per week

Minimum Requirements:

BS Degree in Visually Impaired and PA Teaching Certificate. Special Ed Degree will be considered. Experience working with ages 5-12 years of age with Visual Impairment and multiple disabilities.

Summary Of Duties:
Develop and implement IEP (Individual Education Plan) for each student, based upon assessment of student’s and needs. Develop classroom goals and objectives which reflect the IEP. Provide written lesson plans for coordinators’ approval on a weekly basis. Determine age appropriate curricula and modify to suit individual goals, and provide specially designed instruction on an individual basis when required.

Organize collection of student data. Develop and/or implement discipline or behavior goals/plans for students. Complete report cards or progress reports as required. Communicates with parents/ others about child progress.

Overbrook School Blind Human Resources/ October 11, 2014

New Member Elected to the Board of Trustees

September 17th, 2014

For Immediate Release
September 17, 2014

Media Contact: Gloria Pfeiffer,
Gloria@obs.org or (215) 290-6405


Philadelphia, PA: Gerald Kitzhoffer, Director of Overbrook School for the Blind, today announced the appointment of a new member to the school’s Board of Trustees.

Ms. Emmeline Hunter Vander Zwagg (“Emmy”) has had multifaceted experiences in the not-for-profit sector including finance, arts administration, editing, small business management, and capital campaign fundraising for educational, visual arts and religious institutions. Her most recent positions have been with The Baldwin School and have included serving as Director of Research, Director of Leadership Development, and Major Gifts Officer. Previously she served as Director of Development for Main Line Arts Center and held management positions with several literary organizations and a commercial banking institution.
She is a graduate of The Baldwin School and Mount Holyoke College and hold a Master’s Degree in Arts Administration from Columbia University. Her term on the Overbrook School for the Blind Board of Trustees will be for three years to May of 2017.

About Overbrook School for the Blind: Overbrook School for the Blind offers a variety of programs for children of different ages and abilities. Since 1832, Overbrook has been developing and delivering education that enhances the options available for persons with visual impairment and other challenges so that they have the greatest opportunity to experience active and fulfilling lives. In addition to a full academic program, Overbrook students receive special training and participate in different activities that are important to the development of children with blindness or visual impairment. This includes orientation and mobility, daily living skills, assistive technology, music, art and a full sports program.

For more information about Overbrook School for the Blind, visit www.obs.org or call (215) 877-0313.

Summer Projects

September 2nd, 2014

Summer at Overbrook has always been a time for doing maintenance to keep our campus looking sharp and this year is no exception. Some of our current projects are reconstructing the main entrance to the rotunda, installing a new roof and gutters in the west cloister and putting a new coat of stucco on the campus walls.

Photos can be viewed here in a slideshow:

Photo descriptions below.
1. A recently installed copper gutter shines brightly.
2. A decorative element has been repainted. It appears to be the head of a fish or a serpent.
3. A roofer steps from in between recently replaced rafters on to plywood roof decking.
4. Two roofers remove the lower four rows of roofing tiles to prepare for the installation of new roofing material and copper gutters.
5. Scaffolding is on the upper section of one of the building corners. The small mini-cupola has been moved off site and is currently being restored.
6. A ladder rests against parking lot wall that has received its first coat of stucco.
7. One corner of the building is covered in steel mesh to prepare for the coating of stucco.
8. Pieces of copper have been soldered together and they cover a portion of the roof behind decorative elements (known as a “cricket”)
9. A corner of the building with gutters installed.
10. Two roofers on scaffolding in discussion as they look up at the roof.

Honoring Overbrook’s 2014 Retirees

June 12th, 2014

Overbrook School for the Blind is a very special place to work. So special, that once you are here, you often stay for quite a long time. It is the magic of the students and the staff that make our school a dynamic, responsive, happy place of employment. Each year we bid farewell to wonderful staff who have dedicated much of their career to serving the students at our school.

This year we are saying goodbye to three incredible people who have made our school shine brighter for many, many years. Yesterday we honored Catherine Schneck, Dennis Brookshire, and Regina Montanaro with a lovely farewell breakfast. We wish them peace, happiness, and a fun retirement. We will miss Catherine’s voice over the PA, Dennis’s photographs, and Regina’s assistance in the IEP office. Best wishes to our amazing retirees. Thank you for all of your dedicated years of service.

See photographs of the breakfast honoring the 2014 retirees.

Campus Wildlife

June 6th, 2014

Mach 1 is a box turtle and a long time resident of the west cloister of campus who may be seen out in the open upon occasion. He/she was here when Ms. Jackie Brennan, Director of Education and Professional Development, first arrived 35 years ago. According to Ms. Brennan, Mach 1 was named by a former science teacher. Ah, irony!

See two photos of Mach 1 (descriptions below):
1 In this photo, Mach 1 is in the grass and his/her head is partially inside his/her shell. Mach 1 is brown with some yellow markings and has a shiny shell.
2 A close-up photo allows one to see fine details, such as his/her eyes, nostrils and textured shell.

Fun Day FUN!

June 4th, 2014

Every year Overbrook School for the Blind hosts a fun day for the staff and the students. This year’s weather was glorious for the outdoor activities. It is a special day filled with laughs, cheers, cotton candy, and good times. We are grateful to everyone who helps make this day such a success: instructional staff, administrators, volunteers, the Philly Phanatic, PNC Bank, and of course the kids.

Click here for some photos of Fun Day (photo descriptions below):

1 A student in Middle School holds the bars of the “JAIL HOUSE”. She has a big smile on her face and is wearing a black and white striped jail uniform.

2 A student in the Elementary Program holds the bars of the “JAIL HOUSE”. He has his hat on backwards and is wearing a black and white striped jail uniform.

3 A student in High School has her hands through the bars of the “JAIL HOUSE” as she is counting a stack of Fun Day $1 bills.

4 The Philly Phanatic is posing with a woman wearing sunglasses and a huge smile on her face.

5 The Philly Phanatic is posing with two boys in the Early Childhood Program as the Executive Director of Overbrook watches them. One of the boys is holding a toy wooden whistle in his hand.

6 While playing a water game, a High School student stands with his eyes closed as a water balloon has just burst above his head and is about to drench him.